And if it were my daughter it wouldn't be happening, if it did I would have the guy arrested.

When I was 15, I dated plenty of older guys (no, I wasn't sexually active). I definitely would not have dated a 15 year old boy. BUT I was for all practical purposes an adult and moved out of my parents house to go to college at 16. I don't think it's something to make a snap judgement about either way. And if a 15 year old is in situations where they are meeting 21 years olds, then the relationship is something for a trusted adult to make a judgement call about.

over here the legal age for girls is 16, don't know what country your from but here you wouldn't be doing anything wrong, but really I don't see the big issue here its not decades of an age gap is it, especially when I see young girls of 15/16 running off with old men in their 70s/80s You know the age gap could be worse and it would be perfectly fine if you guys were a little older but the fact that she's under 18 and not out of highschool yet (I'm assuming) makes it kind of awkward. At least that's how it works here in Nevada As long as you like her enough, it's totally normal.

17 year old dating 21 year old-72

It's hardly uncommon for there to be an age gap, usually with the man being older.

But you are both very young and there is a larger gap lifewise between the two of you than there would be if you were 31 and she 27.

However, there is nothing wrong with this age gap, and as long as your parents approve, he/she is a good person, then see each other, take it slow and wait until you are of age.

Good luck Marcy Yes, a 17-year-old can date a 21-year-old, but if they are having sex, the 21-year-old can be charged with statutory rape, which is treated very seriously in most states.

I think its actually very Normal :) Ive always been the one to fall for guys who are 20 and 21.. :-/ just dont get cought because most of society thinks its wrong... Imo it can depend on the person but I think 16/17 is too young to be dating a 21 yr old.

That said I guess it's not too uncommon either, just don't do anything physical with her yet and don't rush her to do anything she's not ready for. Personally I would look down at a guy for dating a sure to treat her with patience, consideration, and respect.It's all too easy for a girl to end up with a loser douche bag just because she's attracted to older guys.It's not bad compared to a huge gap like a 20 and 50 year old.If she is mature and you two want to, go for it i am 19 and my boyfriend is 23 we got together awhile ago and things are great the truth is i think most girls want to date older guys we mature faster than they do so a 3 or 4 yr age gap is nothing but be careful about the laws on sex whatever they are where your from i know here in michigan at 16 you can only have sex with other 16 years and at 17 its only 17 or 18 year olds unless you have a parents consent im 18 and my boyfriend is 22.The tricky thing is that the age of consent is 16 (in some states), but you're a minor until you're 18.