Leafminers feed on the epidermis just below the leaf cuticle.

Numerous cracks occur in the cuticle covering leafminer galleries providing means for bacteria to penetrate directly into the palisade parenchyma and spongy mesophyll which are highly susceptible to infection.

The young lesions are raised or ‘pustular’ on both surfaces of the leaf, but particularly on the lower leaf surface () extend to 1 mm in depth, and are superficially similar to those on leaves.

On fruit, the lesions can vary in size because the rind is susceptible for a longer time than for leaves and more than one infection cycle can occur ().

However, when such techniques are unavailable, strains of X. citri can be distinguished from other pathovars by a panel of susceptible and resistant citrus hosts.

Bioassays can also be run on detached-leaves or leaf-disks () are moderately resistant.

Within orange cultivars, early maturing cultivars are more susceptible than mid season cultivars which are in turn more susceptible than late season cultivars.

However, when plant tissues are disrupted by wounds or by the feeding galleries of the Asian leafminer, internal leaf tissues (mesophyll) are exposed. aurantifolii is a disease of lemons in Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay, but Mexican lime, sour orange, and pummelo are also susceptible (). aurantifolii, was isolated from Mexican lime in Brazil.

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