" and she said "that I'm going to be a bad mother to my baby." And I didn't know she said that to him and as we were shooting he yelled that at her.

GN: I decided to keep it a mystery in the film as to whether something happened between the two of them. And I'm sure when we started shooting that, he thought, can I bring my mother to this movie? We met for dinner and we continued to talk after that. I knew this girl who used to be a bouncer at a club and asked her if she knew anyone who would be good for my film.

KG: I knew for sure, if anything did start to happen Gaspar would not call cut. Karl, how did your family respond to your role in the film? I did, however, talk to my sister and my mother ahead of time about it. At the beginning she told me that she's not the person for this movie. She told me she met this guy who was visiting Paris and lived in LA and thought he'd be a great fit. At that time, I was thinking it would be best to find a real life couple to star in the film but I couldn't find anyone with the energy I need.

"I was born in the ego jungle," laughs Gaspar Noé as we chat in a suite overlooking the Toronto skyline.

It's the Toronto International Film Festival and the Argentinian director is poking fun of his home country ("you know how an Argentinian commits suicide? ") amidst chatting with us about his latest film, Love, a 3D movie about a young couple's torrid romance (and subsequent ménage à trois) in Paris that's been getting buzz for its explicit sex scenes.

Yet you can be in love with a person without loving them as a human.

If you can find the combination of the two, that would be great.

He'd just fiddle with the lights with our DP and then tell us what just happened in the film and it helped create this anxiety and excitement.

And it's not nice to yell at someone as long as we were, especially when you become friends in real life. GN: I think the most horrible thing was what Karl said to Omi. He asked her "what is the meanest thing I could tell you?

He's joined by his lead actor, Karl Glusman, who gamely gets in a few Argentina digs of his own while opening up to us about the rollercoaster ride that was the film, one in which he did full-frontal nudity and ejaculation scenes. It's like all these chemicals that get released in your brain: serotonin, endorphins, dopamine. The best moments of my life have been moments of love.