08 The Female Genital Mutilation helpline provides support to anyone who is worried a child is at risk of, or has had, FGM. 08 12-2.30pm and 7-9.30pm every day of the year operated by Rape & Sexual Abuse Support Centre (RASASC).08 Sexual Violence Helpline run by North London Rape Crisis. Du Vernay herself, AFFRM scouts festivals and connects audiences to the films they want to see; films that were made with passion and stories to tell that would go ignored by major studios and potentially never get distribution. She founded AFFRM to get her own work to audiences, telling Entertainment Weekly,, I had distributed all of my films through AFFRM.

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In my lifetime, I’ve seen the mainstream Hollywood movie machine transform from The Gold Standard of movies to something more akin to a creaky old machine that seems irreplaceable, but the truth is that many of us only use it a few times a year when it used to be a weekly affair. In fact, most of the internet did, particularly citing a lack of nomination for Ms.

Like a lovable old granny, every now and again some horrifically racist shit comes out of her, but we understand she’s old and we keep it moving. Du Vernay in directing But this is not about a lack of anything.

0808 1000 900 Support for people who are looking to stop inappropriate thoughts or behaviour towards children.

Ava Du Vernay has been working in publicity, entertainment, and filmmaking for many years now, but in the past year she has made huge strides in not only her art, but in advancing the conversation around race in America. And…As I type these words, Ava Du Vernay is presiding over a Twitter takeover using the hashtag via her film distribution collective which stands for African-American Film Festival Releasing Movement. I had never had any studio interaction, so the visibility that I gave myself by making sure my films had an audience through AFFRM put me in a position to make I think it’s important that other filmmakers have that opportunity and that visibility.

I say it to honor a woman whose work and mission inspires me every day. This is the progress that true trailblazers like Ava du Vernay are capable of, and I salute the hard work she’s put in and how far she’s come at the same time as I say she’s only getting started.

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