Upon being convicted in a sex related offense, it is mandatory that the party is recorded as a sex offender. According to Oklahoma state law, the amount of time that an individual is recorded as a sex offender is based upon if they are a level 1, 2 or 3 criminal - for a level 3 the guilty individual is registered for the reminder of the guilty individual's life, level 2 is for 25 years, and level 1 is for 15 years.

According to Oklahoma Code §1125, if someone was indicted as a sex offender and recorded as such, it is illegal for that party to be 500 feet from an educational facility, a daycare facility, and a recreational area of a playground or park - the zone of safety is the area surrounding those facilities.

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Under §1125 under Oklahoma law, if an individual who is a sex offender, breaks the zone of safety law, they are subject to a felony charge, which can have a financial penalty of $2,500 maximum, a time of a year maximum incarnated- they could also receive the financial penalty and jail time together.

If the individual breaks the law on zone of safety again, they will receive the financial penalty of $2,500, 3 years minimum incarnation in prison - the individual could receive the financial penalty and prison time at the same time as well.

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