Microsoft software is also presented as a "safe" choice for IT managers purchasing software systems.

In an internal memo for senior management Microsoft's head of C development, Aaron Contorer, stated: The Windows API is so broad, so deep, and so functional that most Independent Software Vendors would be crazy not to use it.

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The Halloween documents acknowledged that parts of Linux are superior to the versions of Microsoft Windows available at the time, and outlined a strategy of "de-commoditize[ing] protocols & applications." Another concern of critics is that Microsoft may be using the distribution of shared source software to harvest names of developers who have been exposed to Microsoft code, as some believe that these developers could someday be the target of lawsuits if they were ever to participate in the development of competing products.

This issue is addressed in published papers from several organizations including the American Bar Association and the Open Source Initiative.

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With the Lucidchart add-on for Google Sheets, you can quickly: - Create and edit Lucidchart documents from Sheets - Insert diagrams directly into a Google Sheet - Update inserted diagrams with latest changes made in Lucidchart Hundreds of Templates and Examples: - Flowcharts - UML - ERD - Wireframing / Mockups - Network Diagrams - Business Process Models - Org Charts - Mind Maps - Site Maps Powerful and Easy to Use: - Choose from hundreds of shapes - Autoprompt for quickly adding and connecting objects - Drag new lines out of any object - Drag and drop to add your own images - Export to (vector) PDF, PNG, and JPG - Embed diagrams in blogs or wikis - Interactive mockups with hotspots and states - Import documents from Microsoft Visio (.vsd, and .vdx) - Export documents to Microsoft Visio (.vdx) Collaboration: - Real time collaboration with changes merged and synced instantaneously when online - Unlimited number of simultaneous collaborators - Powerful version control, with full revision history - Group chat - Robust commenting system - Share custom images and templates across your organization Reviews: Techcrunch: “Whether you’re a developer, a web designer, or just an average web user, Lucidchart allows the creatively-minded to create sexy, yet sophisticated graphs, mockups for websites or mobile apps, flowcharts, and diagrams.” Giga Om: "Lucidchart is a graphically-rich web application that makes working on a diagram with your entire team a simple matter.

Starting in the 1990s, Microsoft was accused of maintaining "hidden" or "secret" APIs: interfaces to its operating system software that it deliberately keeps undocumented to gain a competitive advantage in its application software products.

they claim that application developers inside and outside Microsoft routinely reverse-engineered DOS and 16-bit versions of Windows without any inside help, creating legacy support problems that far exceeded any alleged benefit to Microsoft.

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In the following table you'll find the 4 most important pages of Information about on Wikipedia the free encyclopedia: The term chat room, or chatroom, is primarily used by mass media to describe any form of synchronous conferencing, occasionally even asynchronous conferencing.

The company has been the subject of numerous lawsuits by several governments and other companies for unlawful monopolistic practices.

In 2004, the European Union found Microsoft guilty in the European Union Microsoft competition case.

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