You are welcome to join us in traditional worship of the Graceful Mother with ritual and kirtan at pm on: Ongoing Event First Tuesday Explore The Yoga of Radiant Presence with Peter Brown 1st Tuesday every month, t0 9pm- donation Your experience, your reality, is actually not what you may think it is.

There will also be A Kirtan celebration With Jai Utaal July 26, 8 pm., Astronomicaly correct Sidereal Astrology, World Music, Ancient Story Telling Dance, Spiritual Enneagram, Cultural experiment award evening, and probably more.

I will also be sharing the Creation of an Entertainment company that is dedicated to development of network, cable and premium and internet programing that is dedicated to the cultivation of the most wonderful qualities in men and women all based on the observations of the grand parade of wisdom and beauty that natural flowered within the cultural experiment of Open Secret.

Sourced from the Ageless Wisdom and as a metaphor of the fall of consciouness into sefl-forgetfulness Sourced from Judiasm and Kabbalah, Esoteric Christianity and Gurdjieff, Rodney Collin and Oscar Ichazo, Claudio Naranjo and Helen Palmer and the Jesuits, and the modern teachers, the Enneagram has entered the main stream world and has become a mystical language that reveals the fractal geometry of nature and the science of light.

With the synthesis of quantum physics and the discovery of the Mandelbrot Set, a new chapter of this universal language is emerging that is capable of revealing many of the secrets of the wave and particle facets of consciouness and light and the duality that is woven in the fabric of human living.

Additional Tarot cards help you discover and affirm your incarnational soul mission,1- bottle reading $5, 4- bottle consultation with audio tape $40, 4-bottle consultation with audio tape & 1 bottle to take home for healing $65 1-5 pm. Oracular Fridays Tarot, Numerology, and Sidereal Astrology - pm.

Have an AURA-SOMA Living Color Energy reading or light treatment with Certified Advanced Practitioner Allegra , Chakra Readings and Light Treatments begin at . (Astrology by appointment) 415-457-4191 Tarot Readings at the Open Secret every Friday from Noon to 4 PM With Christa ?an example would be, "The Re-incarnation of the LA's Bodhi Tree Bookstore: Can A Reality Show Cultural Experiment Save the Independent American Bookstore.I have 18 other like minded concepts, all designed to be entertain and Enlighten and enhance meaning of life.AURA-SOMA is a self-selecting vibrational modality based on luminous dual-colored bottles that work via the electromagnetic frequencies of pure color on the chakras. Numerology Readings @ Open Secret "Intelligence For Your Soul" Fridays - P. With the Numerology Coach Kathleen Lamoureux Numbers are energetic frequencies and vibrations that resonate within your soul and influence who and what you are.When you were born, the numbers from your birth name and your date of birth contain the vibrations that become the Purpose of Your Life and your LIfe's Mission.Relationship Compatibility - 0 (1-2 days in advance required before appointment) To learn more about Kathleen Lamoureux and her spiritual work go to: book your appointment through Open Secret.