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The 50 states and the District of Columbia competed for the title and the pageant was webcast on the official Miss Teen USA website via UStream and on Xbox Live.

Fans can vote for a delegate to reach the semifinals (Top 16) July 15-August 9.

They suggest destroying the list, but Rod finds that easier said than done.

Working his way through it consumes him, plus he realizes that death may await him after #101.

For any guy that has gotten used to watching chick flicks with his GF and had to sit through Joan Cusack as the comedy relief.... Greg Grunberg, Tom Arnold, Henry Winkler, Lisa Lampanelli...

Miss Teen USA 2013, the 31st Miss Teen USA pageant.

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Meanwhile, a femme fatale nicknamed Death Nell is putting men into a coma. I have to start by saying who gives people the money to make this garbage.

What I thought was an interesting plot line with the mystery of a secret list of women that you have slept with and will sleep with until you die might have some potential.

And this film certainly falls under that category based on it's VERY predictable storyline.