for example, i'll have my cam on in a chat room and my settings will require me to be approved to view my cam.

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my family lives 600 miles away…my mother, brother, sister, and i all have webcams.

it doesn't make any difference to us if the pictures are a little slow…my mother gets to see her grandchildren live and in person…beats the hell out of a school picture anyday.

there's a chance this new version of yahoo messenger may motivate me to dust off the webcam and give it a try.

with webcams about 2 years ago when me and 3 other geeks set up netmeeting. and i'm not the only one this has happened to.

i have been involved with us vc boards deciding what projects to use vc equipment. collaborative distance reseach(study sharks in south @ umich) is great. – by techi'm connecting from a t1 line to a cable modem and i keep getting “super mode is unavailable”it's starting to tick me off that this isn't working as easy as they make it out to one out there got super mode to work? well, i'd say the new messenger is pretty cool as long as you have a nice cam to go along with it.

i just bought a second cam by micro innovations within the past month and the resolution is very resolution has also improved, with a maximum resolution of 320×240, over a previous resolution of 160× of yahoo's competitors in the instant messenger market, microsoft, included videoconferencing in its messenger service, windows messenger, released with windows xp.i see a great improvement both in quality and is less fails in the dll. i am happy with the change.always glad to see acompany who wnats to improve and give to us consumers.– by franki agree, the scene that you see is like a movie that was cut up on the floor. i have a web cam by targus linked through my usb, how do i fix this? [email protected]– by christine's dadi thing webcams are great, and all i can get way out here in the country is crappy dial up. has targeted the broadband market in the latest release of its instant messenger software. this is a great improvement over the previous version of yahoo messenger, which only offered videoconferencing at speeds of one frame per second.