The cameras below give you a 24/7 glimpse into the life of a variety of bats.On the left, see the fruit bats, including a Malayan Flying Fox, Straw-colored Fruit bats and Egyptian Fruit bats. Just a heads up: unlike wild bats, these bats are most active during the day.These bats are not releasable due to wing injuries or other handicaps.

Free live cam vampire-86

Mothers often use this time for social grooming of their young and to prep it for its future life in a colony.

A vampire bat’s life expectancy is roughly 9 years. Vampire bats live in humid warm weather climates of Mexico, South America, and Central America.

Although small in size, roughly 3.5 inches, their wingspan can be up to double the length of their body, and they can fly at speeds up to 10mph.

A vampire bat can be distinguished from other bats with its stunted muzzle and ability to use all four of its legs on land with full mobility.

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