A: This is one of those times when there are two roads you could take. Because of the potential for serious consequences if your child continues down the road he's on, Family Project panelists suggest you go down both.Be aware -- the Web search might have been on a legitimate topic, or there might have been a minor error, like a double x typed in a word, such as "fox." Finally, he or she could have been sent to site without knowing its content by following instructions from someone with whom he or she was chatting online.

It's also a good time to set up some house rules about Internet use if you don't have them, or review them, if you do.

For example, if you require that he or she tell you before going online, and the child didn't, then that infraction should be dealt with.

If you suspect such a predator has had contact with your child, you need to contact police right away, panelists say. Iannace says that, after such an episode, "You have to be careful in how you discipline a child," especially if the exposure was accidental or if he or she was victimized.

You want the child to know, if he or she was victimized, that it wasn't his or her fault.

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Knowing how to do this takes some computer knowledge, and a kid who's one step ahead of you can cover his or her tracks, the police investigator says.

But the attempt to confirm the story will help you understand the risks to children, and stop future problems.

So, take the low-tech approach, and ask your child what he thinks happened.