Voice channels are going to be pretty similar to how we set up Text channels, but instead of sorting them by region, let's use the permissions set to categorize them into "sub channels".Our Sub channels will have only two trees, but once you get the idea down you can split them up into however many nests suit your fancy.The exclusive tags will be hidden, so that color doesn't quite matter. The order of the roles in the role list isn't particularly important; As long as the regional tags are below the role tags, each member will have their perspective color, and since the online list only reflects who's in the channel, the NA and EU players will be allowed only in their respective regional channels, but can still communicate in the general channel for cross-region conversation. If you want to add server-specific exceptions, like players editing messages, this screen is the place to do that. Just remember to rinse and repeat for the rest of the channels, and to swap the NA for EU role when setting up the EU channels. Using the regional tags and channel specific permissions, we have a lot of flexibility in terms of special or versatile channel functions.

Free sub chat-8

Moderators will have the ability to kick & ban members, manage channels and messages, and move members from voice channels. We've got the building, we've got the people, time to set up some rooms!

- Head Honchos who are responsible for upkeep and moderation of the server, calling the shots and engaging with all the other roles to keep the community fun, fresh, and interesting. In our case, we'll start by setting up 3 rooms: Scrims, Free Agent Center, and PUG's (PUG is short for Pick up group).

Since we want new recruits in the server to be able to read the welcome channel, but not message with any of the messages or add their own, we'll strictly allow them the "read messages" permission, but that's it.

Since the #general channel can't be hidden from newbies, we'll simply change it so that they can't read the general chatter from approved server users (by denying the "Read Message History" permission), and can't also contribute before being sorted (by denying the "Send Messages" permission).

The premium classification is determined by the domains' registry.

You're not satisfied with the bare-bones of Discord's permissions capabilities.We can give anyone filling both roles both associated permissions as well.Since Managers - Server authorities who answer to Administrators, have extra permissions to keep text and voice channels spam free.Users and social platforms can create domain names that are both highly valuable but and meaningful instead of settling for what’s left over. These Domain Names carry an increased cost of registration, and may be higher than the standard registration price.Software companies creating apps for chatting will be able to choose a corresponding domain name without having to change their vision because they can’t register the corresponding domain name. They are considered more valuable than other domains because they are based on common words or phrases people often use in their online searches.Online communication cemented itself as part of everyday life, and the . With most of the premium domain names already taken in the existing generic top-level domain namespace, .