You will then be guided through a registration wizard.

Camfrog is a simple to use videoconferencing program.

Camfrog not only allows a one-on-one videoconference but also allows group conferences when connected to a Camfrog Server video chat room.

If this user gets three bad feedbacks from different users, he won’t be able to IM anyone for a few minutes.

To configure this option, go to "Settings" under the "Camfrog" menu and choose the "IM&Chat" tab.

You can then choose your video capture device and your video stream quality.

There is also the "Source " window that allows you to adjust the vendor-provided settings of your video device.

When someone asks you to video chat, you will be sent an instant message that says "Nickname is requesting a private call. If you are not sure if you want to video chat with another user, click the "profile" icon in the IM window or right click on his or her nickname and choose "View Profile" to learn more about that user.

If a user sends you a rude IM, you can block them by clicking "Block" in the IM window and then give them bad feedback by clicking the sad face next to where it says "Give Bad Feedback".

You can then choose your audio playback and recording device.

To change your profile, go where "nickname" is your Camfrog nickname.

To start a video chat, first send the person you want to video chat with an instant message.