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I am now going to stop meeting new people as I have enough friends who I trust and am not going to get hurt or thrown in a cage or something by some guys creepy plan for me.

I am doing ok but needed to lay low until we got the creep who was messing me out of the way.

This story was told to me by my wife a couple of years after his marriage.

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I have all kinds of male friends but hang out with some cool nice to me bikers that I met a while back and became fuck friends and more and am glad I did.

So my stalker got stalked, got hurt and is now in trouble with the law.

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So I have this weirdo who has been following me and sending me like a million creepy messages and stuff.

I have like a ton of guy friends as is evident by my sites.

Thank You everyone for all the great comments as I love hearing them and they do honestly make me so wet!!