To accomplish this, participants in the Affiliate Program (each, a "participant") utilize a Web application to access On Luxy links, banner ads, and other integration elements that link to the On Luxy Site (collectively, the "Integrations").

Participants may include any or all such Integrations on their Sponsoring Websites, subject to the approvals and limitations set forth herein.

It's good to start with just one or two affiliate programs at first.

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Users who link to the On Luxy Site via an Integration and create a unique registration to the Service in the same session are attributed to the participant that operates the relevant Sponsoring Website provided that it is not in violation of this Agreement.

Subject to the terms of this Agreement, when such users purchase subscriptions to the Service using such registration through a Sponsoring Website, the participant is eligible for a commission for such qualifying subscription as described in Section 5 (Commission Fees) below.

Required Information; Affiliate Account In order to join the Affiliate Program, you must provide us with all information required by our application process (including, without limitation, a Form W-9, if applicable) and agree to all the terms of this Agreement.

Upon successful receipt of your application, we will promptly evaluate your application and you will be notified by email whether or not you have been accepted into the Affiliate Program.

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You get paid a commission every time a free member decides to purchase a premium membership.

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