‘London is our most important city,’ says the 60-year-old count. ‘Because we are a European brand with a European soul and London is the capital of Europe.’Cost Free.

Revenue comes from subtle advertising and sponsored recommendations for services. Wachtmeister is far too discreet to say, but it’s thought there are several international Royals on the site.(bestofallworlds.com)For the too posh to post The Marque No time to create a profile?

Unlike other group messaging apps, these will disappear after 24 hours — in keeping with Snapchat’s theme.

The holidays are a great time to hang out with friends and spend time with family – it’s always better together!

Founded in London in 2004 — the same year as Facebook — users create profiles, issue friend requests and then seek travel and shopping recommendations from each other, safe in the knowledge that their colleagues have ‘similarly high expectations of luxury’. The average Small Worlder is in their mid-thirties and a frequent traveller.

In 2013, its owners conducted a purge of ‘individuals who did not meet our standard of decorum’, with more than two-thirds thought to have been culled. London is in the top three most-active cities.(asmallworld.com)For the top-notch networker Eleqt Eleqt users post a bio, photos and updates and send friendship requests to other members. Where the site differs is the social calendar advertising exclusive parties (Dubai), premieres and conferences.

Wannabe members need to send a photo for approval; a third of applicants are rejected.

‘They don’t have to be supermodels,’ says Sayle (right) coyly, ‘just attractive-looking people who take care of themselves.’Cost £10 to £100 a month, depending on the level of access required. So far, 45,000 users have made the cut, almost 14,000 of them in London including ‘a good number of sporting celebs and some young MPs’.(killingkittens.com/the-litter-box)For the curious CEOOpportunity Network It’s lonely at the top, so it’s only fair that bosses get their very own networking platform.

It basically makes Whats App and i Message obsolete.

You can now chat up to 16 people at one time on Snapchat, so it seems Christmas has basically been moved to December 13.

For the world’s jet-setters — accustomed to velvet ropes and VIP sections — sharing a virtual space with a few billion others can be alarming.

Thankfully a host of sites is stepping in to solve this #highclassproblem with a combination of invitation-only policies and rigorous vetting procedures. For the well-bred socialite Best of All Worlds Swedish count Erik Wachtmeister was hunting boar on the Bismarck family’s estate in northern Germany when he came up with the idea for A Small World (see below), and Stockholm-based Best of All Worlds was the next step.

You need to be put forward by a large financial institution to join; small fry need not apply — the average user manages a company with revenues of between £25m and £500m.