In the upstairs editing room, rows of men sit squinting at close-ups of slow-motion penetration—content that will stream on the site.

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When her husband came home from the late shift, Brittany Jean pretended to be asleep and, after he’d drifted off, slipped back to the computer. ” Skyping from a cream-colored bedroom in her Arkansas home, wearing a black top and smoky eye shadow, she shifts, revealing pajama pants below the screen, a look any girl who works from home would recognize. She watched hours of You Tube makeup tutorials, lost weight and got her boobs done—a splurge with the money from camming, her first “real” job. But now I’ll go out and a girl I don’t know working a cash register will ask if I’m still camming. Becoming a cam girl is relatively easy: The application process involves submitting photos and answering a few questions: “Are you at least 18 years old? ” “Tell us a little about yourself.” In the world of sex work, it’s a good gig: It’s legal, and unlike other iterations it involves no physical interaction and no pressure from producers or directors. In 2011 Live Jasmin was declared the most popular adult site on the internet, period.

“At first I wanted to brag on myself,” says Brittany Jean, who has lived in the same small town in Arkansas all her life. I didn’t realize at first that I would get the judgment.” At any given time thousands of Brittany Jeans are available on cam sites such as My Girl Fund, Live Jasmin, Streamate and My Free Cams. Cam girls can kick out rude users, make their own hours, set their own rates and keep a large share of the money. Today it generates more web traffic than Hulu, Best Buy or Fed Ex.

Aaliyah Love, petite, blonde and wearing an aqua satin bra, moves fluidly across a bed.

A watermark stamped over the center of the video reads VIVID CAMS.

When Aaliyah started, the culture of this model remained.

Companies expected women to wear stockings with garters and full makeup with false eyelashes.For a fee they allow strangers to see them naked or watch them have sex. “It’s hard to pinpoint exact numbers, but annual revenue for camming sites is well over a billion dollars,” says Stefan Patrick, director of business development at My Girl Fund, where Brittany Jean got her start.Culturally, our views of obscenity shift with each new technological advancement—print to film to home video to the internet.Meet and interact LIVE with thousands of free cam girls from around the world. Make friends, watch amateur videos and participate in LIVE webcam sex chats. That’s what we want—the girl next door.” That’s what Aaliyah Love was when she started camming.