Who’s not only racked up over a million points of his own for his family (yes – a million!

), but who’s also helping normal people like you and me learn how to do it ourselves through his Rewards Coaching program.

Sexy one on one video chatting for free with no need of a credit card-16

At the end I’ll include a sign-up link if you want to jump in and get personal help from him yourself. My wife and I always used our credit cards for all our purchases and we of course paid them off in full every month; we were tired of just getting the normal 1% rewards and figured there had to be a better way. It sounded too good to be true, so it set alarm bells off, but I trusted J. That’s $5,000 of free travel from one single credit card!

After that I was hooked and did a ton of research and kept opening cards; we’re up well over 1,000,000 total points/miles earned and there’s no end in sight.

It was a really special thing for our girls to have the whole family there and travel rewards points really made that happen.

I did a lot of research to put together the whole trip and I have it mapped out on my site with step-by-step instructions to a free Disney trip. I love working with people one-on-one, and I think they get so much value out of interacting with a real person who has done this before and can explain it to them in terms that make sense.

” type of nice ;) So this post is dedicated to those who want THAT type of nice, and to learn how the card hacking game goes to grab your rewards in the most efficient way possible.

And to do that, I bring on my good friend, and blogger, Brad Barrett of Richmond

We easily saved ,000-,000 just for the four of us.

My parents and Laura’s parents also followed the same rewards points plan I mapped out, so they could come with us on the trip for nearly free!

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