The mother who gives the mother from the Stephen King movie Carrie a run for her money of worst mother in a movie, is not having this. Initially the mother's disgust seemed to have some merit until the dad points out when she is berating him for not calling the cops that their son is actually 18.

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Like that show he plays a high school student, like that show, there is no way the audience is buying that in this movie.

He has a hot girlfriend who is also a student who he is having sex with when the phone rings, unrealistically he answers it, it's his mother's friend, her mother has died.

She has five children: Cassie, Mariah, Noah, Faith, and Sullivan legally.

In 1996, Sharon Collins married her high school sweetheart Nicholas Newman. Nicholas Newman, the son of billionaire Victor Newman, was from a very privileged background. During her early years of high school in Madison, Wisconsin, her mother Doris Collins was paralyzed in a car accident after chasing Sharon, who ran off refusing to listen to her mother.

Once Cassie and Noah got older, Sharon became bored with being a housewife and decided to try her hand at business.

She began working as a spokesmodel for Jabot Cosmetics, and later decided to work as a spokesmodel for her father in-law's company, Newman Enterprises.

But one where nothing interesting and that isn't completely predictable happens.

The mother is so unlikable that you are actually hoping her son and her daughter as well as soon as she is old enough to move out both do so and just never come back.

Also while in Madison, Sharon had a daughter, Cassie Ann Collins, at the age of 17. A woman by the name of Alice Johnson took over the role of Cassie's mother.

When Sharon first started dating Nick, her mother was experiencing a great deal of pain and needed a very expensive surgery. Thereafter, Sharon stopped by Newman Enterprises with sums of money insisting upon repaying the debt, even though Victor had told her that the debt was forgiven.

Years later, Sharon and Cassie (who was renamed Cassidy by Alice) were reunited with the help of Sharon's best friend, Grace Turner.