Hired in 2003, Strassle had no previous disciplinary issues nor had he been reported for similar behavior.Strassle, who didn't testify at the August tenure hearing, didn't deny the group conversation took place.

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Strassle, who turns 63 this year, has an annual salary of $85,423, according to state pension records.

Archer's sex life compromises his effectiveness as an agent. Nikolai Jakov defects to the United States and is killed by Archer's drunken incompetence.

Her "nudie debut" was to Blondie's wearing a scarlet outfit and matching lacy underwear. "I'm too old," she laughs as we chat over the phone.

She wiggled around a poll like an "epileptic caterpillar", almost forgetting to take her gear off. "I've outgrown it." She now gets her kicks in a much less explicit way, rock climbing a couple of times a week.

Now, they begin the night in the red, paying the club up to $100 a night for permission to take their gear off, putting pressure on women to push their boundaries of what they are prepared to do to earn that cash."I spent a large portion of my life interacting, based on my body and the way I looked, and I was respected for that for the most part.

"But I wanted to be respected for using my brain and putting my energy into something that contributed to society." Back in 1997 Leigh left Christchurch, moving to Melbourne with some friends and a plan to save enough cash for a relocation to London.

Her job at KFC wasn't paying enough, the rosters didn't work around her uni hours and the self-confessed "attention seeker" was always stirred by the ads for lingerie dancers in local paper, The ex-boarding school blonde with a hot bod and bankable booty was warned early on by a stripping stalwart: "This is a tempting industry...

but it can be very hard to get out of." Twenty years later Leigh can vouch for that. my body knew instinctively what to do." There's an addictive quality to working in the sex industry, she explains from her share flat in Melbourne.

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