When asked where they would go for information, they said family, friends and the internet.

The website, B4now features video interviews with young people talking about their own experiences and real life stories from teenage parents.

The Programme recently surveyed 100 15-18-year-olds to collect data that gives an overview of how aware young people are of the B4u Decide website, whether they would visit the site, what information they would like on the site and where they would like it promoted.

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We know the consequences, we love each other, and it did not change anything.

He would still love me just as much if I didn’t want to have sex anymore.

If you’re having feelings of romantic or physical attraction to other girls, you may wonder if you are gay.

It’s natural as you develop to wonder about these feelings, and it may take time to figure out whether you are attracted to guys, girls, or both.

It’s a good idea to talk about all this at a time and in a place where you’re comfortable and won’t be interrupted.

It’s a great idea to do this while your clothes are still on!Once you find the right guy, of course you should wait for the right age also.If I choose to have sex, I will use birth control.” “My boyfriend and I decided we are both ready to have sex.Are you worried that you’ll sound like you’re accusing your partner of having an STD?You can focus instead on protecting your health and respecting each other’s feelings.“How teenagers differ is in their ability to cope with and respond to these pressures.