Sperm also have only one set of 23 chromosomes and are therefore haploid.

When an egg and sperm fuse at fertilization, the two sets of chromosomes come together to form a unique "diploid" individual with 46 chromosomes.

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There are rare exceptions to this rule in which, for example, XX individuals develop as males or XY individuals develop as females. In some cases, for example, chromosomally female babies that have been exposed to high levels of androgens before birth can develop masculinized genitals by the time they are born.

The X-chromosome carries a larger number of genes in comparison to the Y-chromosome.

Often only the mean or mean difference between sexes is given.

This may or may not preclude overlap in distributions.

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The sex chromosome in a human egg is always an X chromosome, since a female only has X sex chromosomes.

In sperm, about half the sperm have an X chromosome and half have a Y chromosome.

Direct sex differences follow a bimodal distribution.