christie: Wow, I’m disturbed by the idea that the video could give someone a positive feeling.

Specifically Native American women, who are 2.5 times more likely than women as a whole to experience sexual violence.

christie: Yes, I wonder if there would have been as much outrage if Trump’s behavior had been targeted at, let’s say, an immigrant hotel maid of color.

christie: It’s hard to speak up, but it’s also exhausting, especially when the cost of speaking up is likely to be greater than the reward.

The ugly fact is that the burden to do something usually rests with the target of the harassment.

But he was clearly in a professional environment, which is another piece of it that was … christie (Christie Aschwanden, lead science writer): I had a really visceral reaction to the Trump tape.

It reminded me of times where I’ve been treated in a way that told me that as a woman, my ideas will never be given as much consideration as my body, at least with certain men. colleen (Colleen Barry, general editor): Yeah, I really dislike the “locker-room talk” characterization this is getting.The thing about women is that everyone has a personal relationship with at least one of them.And, as our colleague Nate Silver has tweeted, if Trump loses women, he loses the election.colleen: To Maggie’s point, Native American women’s assault is facilitated by the fact that it’s almost impossible to prosecute rapists who commit the crime on reservations.blythe: I think a lot of these facts raise something that came up again and again with the Trump tape: power dynamics.maggiekb: And the other thing that’s important to note about those statistics is WHO is assaulting Native American women.