Includes, 3d camera tracking, vfx compositing, masking, colour correction and much more.

City Destruction VFX tutorial This excellent short video tutorial Dan Stevers covers a number of techniques for doing a write-on reveal of text, graphics and even outlines on a photo.

They were very professional and went over all my concerns, and plan for follow up care.


Covered in the video is emitters, creating realistic water drops, and compositing the video and effects.

How to Create realistic water drops This sky replacement tutorial covers keying, masking, edge refinement, and colour correction techniques to replace the sky in the video, including the reflections in the water below.

Sky replacement VFX tutorial More of a morph-like transition than a morph in the true sense of the word, but a useful effect nonetheless.

This Tutorial shows you a simple technique to morph-transition from one map to another using fractal noise.

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For more than 25 years, Slave Lake Dental has been providing care for the entire family in Slave Lake, Alberta.

The effect could be applied to just about any monochromatic image or even text.

These two After Effects tips by Matt Jylkkawill give you the smoothest motion curves with a ton of control, just by adding one to two strategically placed keyframes on your motion curve.

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