It’s good to have different interests, as it helps a relationship to breathe, but if it’s just about having a trophy date then chances are it won’t last long.

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But there’s no denying that it is a factor when you’re younger. Because you’re less experienced at dating by default, and the strong emotions that go with it can be hard to handle.

At the end of the day, you have to ask whether you might be better off learning from your mistakes with someone closer to your age.

If you’re still living at home, and planning on dating someone old enough to be your mum or dad, then you should consult your folks.

If you’re living under their roof then you can’t expect them to turn a blind eye to the situation.

Considering she had spent what must have been a half-hour composing this message to me, I felt somewhat obligated to at least respond (a belief which I by no means impose upon those of you reading this, incidentally).

Although tempted to reply with one of my typical single-liners (in this case, You lost me at hello), I went the more pragmatic route.

Questions to ask yourself, aren’t so much number-related, but: Ask yourself what draws you to this person, and be sure that age is not a factor.

Sure, an older date can seem more mature and sophisticated than people your own age, but are you really going to have that much in common?

What’s more, why aren’t they dating someone their own age?

Chances are your mates will have an opinion about whether you should be going out with someone so much older.

As you well know, theres a stereotype about older, probably divorced men dating younger women. The worn-out story tells about a guy in his late 30s or older looking to trade in his wife on a younger model.