In the school cafeteria, Buffy has to fight off Cordelia to sit at one table with Owen, but it is worth it.

He asks Buffy out on a date to the Bronze that very evening.

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First off, that’s awesome of you, thanks for taking part in that crazy rushed thing. It will be available to download as a PDF after the project has finished so you can check out all of the Tony love for yourself.

But, none of the messages from the original project will be included, if you want to send the same message just copy and paste it from the blog and send me it, if you want to write a new one, go you! Ok, this sounds cool, how do I get my message/art/photo/all-of-the-above to you so they are inlcuded?

None does, however, and though Giles is certain that his calculations are correct, he calls their stakeless stake-out quits.

Buffy rushes to The Bronze, only to see Owen dancing with Cordelia. At the same time, in a van on the way to Sunnydale, a man stands up and begins to lecture the other passengers on God's judgment, quoting prophecies.

(A much larger dose is not in any way a bad idea any less is known to be be very dangerous, perhaps even deadly) I’m sorry to say that due to my laptop going all Blue Screen Of Death on me there won’t be a new Tony pic posted here for an indeterminate amount of time.

Please bear with me because when I get back I’ll be sure to do something special for you guys. I’ve been considering this project a lot lately, and as a person who likes to push things to the extent of what is possible in order to make them as awesome as possible I think the time limit of this project let us down a little bit.

There, first Cordelia, then Angel try to come in between Buffy and Owen.

Finally, Xander and Willow managed to get her to come to the funeral home by pretending to be a couple that wants to do something daring on a double date.

The Master - "'And one of the brethren shall go out hunting the night before and get himself killed, because he couldn't wait to finish his job before he ate.' (pauses) Oh, wait.

Provided in the standard dose of one photo per day.

The messages and fan works will be printed up as a fancy hard back book, like the ones full of arty photos of skyscrapers and what have you that you can find in posh hotels this book will be arty and full of graphic design and other prettiness along with your art and photos and messages and will be sent to Tony Head ready for his birthday on the 20th of February. If you really don’t want to send in a message however, that’s totally fine and you can just send in art, or a photo if you want, it’s totally up to you.