Presents an activity designed to provide students with opportunities to practice drawing atomic models and discover the logical pairings of whole families on the periodic table. Abstract: Atoms are lonely hearts that are constantly in search of partners to bring stability to their lives—at Least that's the premise of our Atomic Dating Game, a chemistry activity that helps students visualize and understand how and why atoms combine.

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When an atom of one element enters into chemical combination with another element, both atoms usually attain a stable outer shell consisting of eight electrons.

As a science teacher, 1 realize that this concept is critical to a student's understanding of chemistry.

It was in March, 1903, that Curie and Laborde announced the heat-emitting power of radium.

[Robert Kennedy Duncan, "The New Knowledge," 1906] (From Greek "atomos", indivisible) Indivisible; cannot be split up.

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With the exception of the Noble Gases, atoms are unstable on their own.

They must combine with atoms of other elements to become stable.

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