The vast majority of these beautiful Latin ladies are descended from the original Spanish settlers, although there were later immigrants from other parts of Latin America and Europe, and Costa Rica brides are more or less beautiful Spanish girls living in a tropical paradise.

Costa Rica is known as the Switzerland of Central America and there is a real argument that it is the very best place to go to meet hot Latin women.

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I glanced down to my phone at a photo of Roman, the guy I was meeting: a broad-shouldered blond and my date for the evening, whom I'd met on Tinder just an hour and a half before."Anna?

The man in front of me was even more attractive than his photo.

First, it is one of the greenest places on the planet.

It still has much of its old growth forest and they have even voted not to explore for oil in several promising areas.

Though it has gotten more crowded, there are still miles of undeveloped beaches, and in Costa Rica women are much more likely to participate in surfing and other adventure sports than is common in other Central American countries.

Second, all of your really cool friends already live there, because they know about the hot Costa Rican women.

As he guided me toward a sidewalk table, I noticed his chest muscles were clearly visible through his tight black T-shirt.

I'd gotten the idea from an American I met in Costa Rica last fall who always knew the best surf breaks and cheapest bars around, even though she'd been in the country for only two weeks.

Now, in the middle of a six-week solo backpacking trip through the Balkans this late spring, I was trying out her strategy myself.

That is a well known fact to guys who spend much time in Latin America, but in recent years Costa Rica has been white hot as a center of international dating, adult travel, and retirement.

When I first sat down with Tone (pronounced "Tony"), I thought our date would be a bust.