Remember: you will have plenty more time to spend alone time together if she grants you another date after this one.lot of guys seem to think that they have to shower girls with attention in order to get them to reciprocate their attraction. You see, girls love guys who have their own lives aside from them.And this is a crucial step that you must take in order to attract women successfully.

What if she asks you something that you weren’t anticipating?

This is why you have to go with the flow as much as possible when it comes to this.

And to make sure you do this flawlessly, try to find out as much about her as possible in advance. Although there are some girls out there who find nervousness flattering, guys usually succeed in this department more when they are relaxed and laid-back.

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Of course, there are some things that you can plan out beforehand, though.

For instance, it would be smart to decide where you plan on taking the girl out on a date if she agrees to it. If you have no idea how to find out her personality traits because you just saw her from across the bar, then take a look at her clothes and try to get subtle hints from there.

Your goal here should be to keep a conversation going with a girl that you are interested in, not to send her a list of different reasons why she should go out with you – remember that.

These are just basic online dating techniques, of course.

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