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This marking was intended to assist operators of perforating equipment. 17: Auslandsstelle, Auslandsbriefprüfstelle (Ger.) Foreign Letter Censor Office, WW II, followed by letter indicating city. Baldus, BEP employee initials, 1906-1928; see Plate Finisher, Siderographer. Vantine: US cancel or revenue stamp overprint for face powder product, 1914. Airplane: symbol overprint indicating airmail issues. Airport dedication cover: cover commemorating the opening of an airport. Comayagua: May 1877, Medio Real surcharge for Honduras province. Fernando Po: Spanish colony, island off Gulf of Guinea, west African coast; currency: 100 centimos = 1 escudo = 2.50 pesetas, 100 centimos = 1 peseta, 1,000 milesimas = 100 centavos = 1 peso (1882) 1858-77: stamps of Britain used, 1868, July 1: No.1, 20 centimos brown, first stamp issued as Spanish colony, 1867-79: stamps of Spanish Cuba used inscribed Ultramar, 1879-1909: own stamps used, 1909-60: stamps of Spanish Guinea used, 1960: first semipostal stamp issued, 1968, Oct. Feuchtwanger Strip: Civil War era encased postage stamps, but may be a fantasy item created in the 1890's. 2: Name given to 1894 King Carlos portrait on Portuguese colonials. Fiji: member of British Commonwealth; group of 844 Pacific islands; currency: 12 pence = 1 shilling, 20 shillings = 1 pound, 100 cents = 1 dollar (1872, 1969) 1870, Nov.

6: air mail overprint on SCADTA air mail issues of Colombia, indicating a consular overprint sold in Germany, 1920. architect, South Australia official overprint, 1868-74. 18: Australian stamps watermark, with Imperial Crown, 1913-26. 23: underlined watermark of Orange River Colony 2/6d King Edward V11 Revenue stamp. A thru X: Scott Catalogue suffix for Revenue Stamped Paper. Aachen: 1: formerly Aix-la-Chapelle,, also transit marking; see: Aix-la-Chapelle. A&ESC: Aberdeen and Elgin Sorting Carriage, British. Aayman Islands: bogus labels for Dayman, Layman, Nayman, Sayman, Yayman, etc.; British colonial royal wedding frames from book, Surreal Stamps and Unreal Stickers. B.: 1: Archibald Brown manuscript surcharge, 1891-95 on British East Africa Protectorate issues. Airport International de Kabul: inscription on airmail stamp of Afghanistan. Air Post: in Russian, used as an overprint for Imperial Russian consular tax stamps in 1922 applied to mail sentfrom Russia to Germany; see: Deruluft. Combi Mail: combination of an airplane and a submarine; mail brought to New York from Chicago, via Erie, Hammondsport and forwarded to Germany on a U-boat. Combination Block: a block of four or more stamps with different perforations on some of the stamps. 12: united with Rio Muni to form Republic of Equatorial Guinea, 1972: renamed Bioko. Feudatory States: states in India established their own postal systems which carried mail within the state; see individual states for additional information; Alwar, Bamra, Barwani, Bhopal, Bhor Bijawar, Bundi, Bussahir, Charkhari, Cochin, Dhar, Duttia (Datia), Faridkot, Hyderabad, Idar, Indore (Holkar), Jaipur, Jammu and Kashmir, Jasden, Jhalawar, Jind, Kishangarh, Las bela, Morvi, Morvi, Nandgaon, Nawanagar, Orchha, Poonch, Rajasthan, Rajpipla, Sirmoor, Sorouth, Travancore, Travancore-Cochin, Wadhwan. 1: No.1, 1 penny pink, first stamps were locally typeset, by Fiji Times newspaper, paper ran a letter and parcel service, 1871: stamps with cipher of native king, CR (Cakobau Rex), Fiji started own mail service, 1872, May 8: Fiji Times closed its mail service, 1874: overprinted V.

My elder sister and brother were always taking care of me, and when they were planning some pranks I was always taking part in their plans.

Of course we were often caught and punished, but still it is a lot of fun to remember it.

3: architect, South Australia official overprint, 1868-74.4: Aerovias Nacionales de Colombia S. Avianca airlines, overprint on Colombian air mail stamps of the 1950s. Aba-el-Wakf: Egypt, see: Interpostal seals, 1879-84. Airmail stamp: stamp intended to prepay airmail postage; the first recorded is the 25c rose Italian express stamp, 200,000 of which were overprinted in 1917; Flugpostmarke (Ger.), Timbre pour la Poste Aerienne (Fr.), Francobollo di Posta Aerea (It.), Sello de Correo Aereo (Sp.). Airmail stamp, first: Italy issued an adhesive air mail stamp for the Turin-Rome flight on May 19, 1917. Columbia Postal Supply Co.: manufacturer of canceling machines in use from the 1900s-50s. Comares: city in Spain, Spanish Civil War local post, Nationalist forces, 1938. Figaro: local post, Spanish civil war, Republican, 1937.

5: a marginal marking used on flat plates indicating uniform vertical spacing between columns of stamps. Air Mail Stamped Envelope: a stamped envelope intended to be used for air mail service. Airmail stamp, semi-official: issued privately, but accepted by the postal agency; the Canada Jack V. Air parcel post: started in 1948, lower rates made it a less extensive alternative for sending packages by air. Arancione Rossa-Brillante: (It.) bright orange-red (color). Combatientes: (Sp.) combatants, fighting forces used as "Pro Combatientes" in Spanish postal markings. Figure: 1: name given to 1914 French colonies postage dues with value in bold panel in center.

7: Scott Catalogue prefixes for forerunners, such as India, used abroad. 19: Ante Meridiem, morning, coded time handstamps of 1890s. 21: time of departure for Zeppelin flights.a: (Fr.) of, to, by, atÃ…: one-letter post office name, Norway. AA: 1: USPS abbreviation for Armed Forces Americas, except Canada, see: AE. 2: Aachener Stadbriefbeförderung Merkur, German local, 1894-97. AADC: automated area distribution center, USPS term. L.: Adria Aero Lloyd, Italy Aalborg Bypost: (Dan.) Denmark local post, 1884-89. A and T, A&T: Annam and Tonkin overprint, French Protectorate in Indo-China; Jan. AAPE: American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors, USA. Aarhus Bypost: (Dan.) Denmark local post, 1884-1900. 2; (Fr.) "assez beau"; fair to good condition, or appearance. 4: (Fr.) "Armeé Britannique" 1748 British Army handstamp, for Austrian army, usually on mail from Germany; carried by Thurn and Taxis to Belgium; see: Thurn and Taxis. Airship mail: 1: lighter-than-air (LTA) craft characterized by a rigid, covered framework, interior of which holds containment cells for the lifting gas, such as a Zeppelin. Combination Cover: 1: an envelope or card with stamps from two or more different countries. Fermented Fruit Juice: tax paid revenue stamp denominated in barrels and fractions of barrels, 1933. Fernigow: currency unit in North Poland, 1919-1923Fern-Ost-Republik: (Ger.) Far Eastern Republic. von, Count: (1850-1917) considered one the world's greatest collectors, who by the 1880s, was considered to have the world's greatest stamp collection known, died of a heart attack while trying to buy a Swiss stamp; his collection was confiscated by France and sold to pay the German War Reparations Account. Ferrocarriles Andaluces: (Sp.) Andalusian Railways, inscription on railway's own stamps. R., "Victoria Regina" to mark change by King Cakobau to Crown Colony, 1916: first War Tax stamp issued, 1917: first postage due stamp issued, 1951, Sep. 10: first stamps issued as independent territory, 1971, June 18: joined the UPU.