The short period of time between couples ranges by event.Each participant has a sheet of paper on which they note "interested" or "not interested".Try some of these tips for long distance relationships to let your sweetie know just how much you care.

Create an ongoing, frequently updated list of the things you want to do together the next time you see each other.

This could be as simple as using a free list service like Backpack It, or sending each other one piece of paper back and forth with your care packages for the other to update.

Bonny speaks to local groups on how to use the Internet for social networking purposes, writes for several online and offline publications sharing her knowledge and passion for dating and relationship topics.

Bonny is a sought-after speaker and dating expert and has been quoted in numerous publications such as Macleans, the LA Times and MSNBC.

Send romantic text messages to keep the love alive.

Use an internet phone service like Skype to ensure your long distance phone bills remains manageable.

The two of you can discuss the film later by phone, email, or the next time you see each other in person.

Send each other loving gifts appropriate for a long distance relationship, like taking out an ad in the local-to-them newspaper to express your love, learning how to take erotic photos of yourself and then emailing the results, or ordering a romantic dinner for them to be delivered to their home. Send as many ecards (Buy Direct) and physical cards (Buy Direct) as you can afford to let your partner know they are always on your mind.

My passion for dating and extensive field knowledge has enabled me lead others in their own journeys of self-exploration, and I look forward to continuing along this path as the Guide to Dating.

Episode one focused on Cathie's question: Do I have a baby on my own at 40 or wait for Mister Right?

50 strangers help one person with a life-changing dilemma.