I know some couples who get together right away and it's like, BAM - they're obsessed with each other, saying I love you every second and posting millions of kissing pics.

Show your guy that won't happen by giving him alone time.

My boyfriend and I don't hang out every day - I give him days to himself where he can hang with his friends, watch TV or just sleep.

But when I first met him, he was scared of commitment.

His last few relationships had been bad and he was afraid to open up again in a new one.

Source: Shutter Stock Don't let this guy think this is all about hooking up... Don't talk him into doing things he's not comfortable doing... There's a difference between a push in that direction and pressuring him into something.

Source: Shutter Stock A lot of the time, guys are scared of commitment because they're worried they're never going to have time to themselves anymore.Source: Shutter Stock Going into this, you need to realize that it may never work the way you want it to.The hard truth is that he just might not like you enough to settle down with you. If nothing is changing and you sense it won't, do yourself a favor and get out. 12 tips on how to be the best girlfriend ever Follow Gurl, pretty please!Source: Shutter Stock Show your BF that you enjoy alone time by doing what you want to do sometimes!If you're going to give him alone time, don't spend it texting him to ask him what's going on.I let him do it on his own time and it worked out really well. But avoid it as much as you can - too much pressure is going to push him away.