Requiring intricate planning to pull off, the makers of the commercial reportedly gave another man the same experience but opted to lead with Ian because of his anything goes personality.

Bud Light is hosting a floating party venue throughout Super Bowl weekend on a 45,655-ton Norwegian Getaway cruise ship docked on Manhattan's West Side.

Essentially, what the guy was doing was issuing what a subtle example of what I’d call a “Boomerang Compliment”.

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The end result isn’t that she’s placed on a pedestal, but that she–again–feels comfortable with him.

That’s why his toast is nothing short of brilliant.

If you’ve been watching the NCAA tournament at all this year, you’ve probably already seen this commercial about three dozen times:

v=w MExuin6U-c Considering that it centers around a first date between two people who’ve met online, I figured it would be fun to talk about it some…especially since I haven’t broken down any TV commercials around here lately. First of all, if you look at the various comments people have left on You Tube about this commercial it’s fairly obvious that it pretty much gets on people’s nerves.

And it’s equally unlikely that he’s bringing up outstanding warrants for his arrest in Cuyahoga County, Ohio.

Obviously, that sort of stuff would be neither smart nor effective to talk about during first-date conversation.

2) The Toast I like the idea of proposing a toast with a woman on first dates, primarily because it’s a social grace that signals a social bond of some sort.

But I especially like how the guy in the commercial did it.

3) Her Response Note that she very clearly follows his lead with an attempt to help communicate the same emotion back to him.

Her desire is to let him know that she’s not disappointed with him either, although she’s still a bit more timid about it.

No matter what, aggrandizing the whole situation to imply that he probably should avoid going to Cleveland again in the future is simply a . them” allegory, then the point would be that he’s just not the kind of guy who fits in there.