““I’m not following anyone to be corny, or start trouble–that’s not me,” Rose said, allegedly through a huge grin.

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“I really would rather never be in a tabloid again,” Disick explained.

According to Hollywood Life.com, the R&B star and the blonde model are not more than friends.

In the wake of Amber Rose’s divorce from Wiz Khalifa here is a timeline of the starlet’s love life.

Rose came into the spotlight while dating rapper Kanye West back in 2008.

Recent Scott Disick dating rumors are as varied as the colors of the sky: over the past few weeks, Scott’s been the rumored lover of Kourtney Kardashian, Lina Sandberg, Chris Brown, and, now, Blac Chyna’s BFF Amber Rose.

That’s right: if the latest Scott Disick dating reports are true, the Kardashians just turned two of their biggest haters into valuable celebrity allies…or saw two of its own turn traitor.

Rose would later be the inspiration for songs on West’s album “808s and Heartbreak.” Here is a clip from an interview with Amber Rose sharing her experience dating Kanye West: Amber Rose began dating rapper Wiz Khalifa in early 2011 and the two were engaged a year later.

The couple got married on July 8th and gave birth to their son Sebastian in February of 2013.

After a sexy and impromptu twerk session with Chris Brown, 25, an insider has revealed to Hollywood EXCLUSIVELY that she is open to the two of them starting a relationship. “When they’re together, whether it’s at a charity event, with a group of friends, at a club, it’s happiness. “They get along like gangbusters and not once has Chris and does want to develop that friendship further.

But as far as being with him, only time will tell.” It sure sounds like Chris is a breathe of fresh air for Amber after her nasty split with Wiz, huh?

There has been talks of Rose wanting a relationship with Chris Brown since the model was seen dancing with Brown at Supperclub.