It is important that the instructions and envelope provided be given to the officiate for their use because they have a legal obligation to file the license.

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Application must be made in person; however, only one applicant need be present to apply.

The applicant must be a Genesee County resident (out-of-state residents - see requirements below).

Our office accepts payment in the form of CASH, CHECK, CREDIT or DEBIT.

If presenting a personal check, the check must be drawn on a Genesee County bank, the person signing the check must be present and must provide valid photo ID.All above provisions for application apply to out-of-state residents; additionally, the marriage ceremony must take place in Genesee County.Out-of-state residents must present valid identification for applicants (a photocopy is acceptable for an applicant who is not present at the time of application).The name and address imprinted on the check must match the ID.If paying by credit/debit, there is an additional service fee in the amount of .50 for transactions totaling less than .00.Therefore, application MUST be made more than three days prior to the date of the marriage ceremony.