If your business has multiple computers and each has its own i Tunes library, it can become difficult to keep track of all of your content.i Tunes has a feature called Home Sharing that can help you to consolidate all of your i Tunes content on one computer, so long as all of your computers use the same local area Ethernet or Wi-Fi network.

This also means that i Tunes will locate all music on your computer and add it automatically, making the i Tunes consolidation process much faster than manually adding music.

The i Tunes program, as installed on Macintosh computers, is set to consolidate by default.

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To consolidate your library, you can either use an external hard drive or even a shared folder on your internal hard drive that all users have access to (ie, C: Music).

You can start by moving one of your three i Tunes libraries to this shared location—detailed instructions on how to do this can be found in our i Pod 201 article on Transferring your i Tunes Library.Alternatively, if your ratings, playlists and play counts from the other libraries are not critically important, you could instead choose to simply add the media content from the other libraries into your new, primary i Tunes library by using the File, Add to Library function in the i Tunes menu and simply pointing at the other media files.Note that in either case, if you had a lot of the same music across your three i Tunes libraries, you will end up with duplicates in your new, consolidated library.If the Advanced menu says "Turn Off Home Sharing" when you click it then Home Sharing is already enabled. Enter your Apple ID and associated password and click “Create Home Share.” Repeat these first four steps on each computer from which you want to copy content. The names of the other computers on which you have enabled Home Sharing will appear here. Click the first content category you want to consolidate and click “Import.” Available content categories will vary depending on the contents of that computer’s i Tunes library.Common categories include Music, Apps, Movies, TV Shows and Photos.s are synched to their own 30 GB 2nd Gen i Pod, both Pods maxed-out.2 PC? There must be some logical way to accomplish this without losing my mind?