And there's evidence that they are not what he claimed they were.

Following that is a second problem: What he identified as polonium halos was based on work done in the 1910s when we didn't know the structure of the atom nor the crystal study of minerals.

Not a month goes by that one of the top three creationist institutions doesn't put out some article attempting to refute it yet again.

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Rachael Acks was my guest and she explained the basic process of radiometric dating, how it works, and some of the known caveats of the method.

The problem for young-Earth creationists is that radiometric dating would seem to indicate that Earth, Mars, asteroids, comets, and the Moon -- in other words, objects that we have samples from on Earth -- are roughly 4.5 billion years old.

Gentry relied on basic assumptions of some researchers at that time -- a very simplified model, in other words - to make his conclusion.

These simplified models were not supported at the time Gentry was doing his work in this area, and they're not supported now.

Download the Episode Recap: After going over the basics of radiometric dating in Episode 38, here I discuss some of the main young-Earth creationist complaints about the technique, and their arguments to try to invalidate it.

Puzzler: Is the geologic column ever seen complete on Earth? Solution to Episode 35's Puzzler: The answer, practically speaking, is the Japanese space agency's SELENE mission, AKA Kaguya (かぐや), that arrived in orbit in late 2007.In other words, he was sent samples of rocks by different people and we don't actually know where they came from.This matters because part of Gentry's argument is that they come from original, ancient granites of Earth, some of the first rocks, but without any documentation of where they're from, we can't go into this.I realize that old-Earth creationists are still creationists, but it's a long phrase and the "YEC" abbreviation gets old.Category of Claims 1: Systems Aren't Closed In episode 38, we talked about the requirement that a system be closed in order for radiometric dating to be valid for that sample.What this means is that none of the parent material can get in or out, and none of the daughter material can get in or out. If the hourglass has a leak, then your assumption about the ratio of parent to daughter is not going to be valid.