but seriously, I wasn’t there), and arrived completely transformed into Jessica Rabbit from If Heidi hadn’t posted photos of herself getting into the costume, it would actually be difficult to recognize her – that’s how good this costume is.

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She really captured the kinetic energy of the character,” he continued.

We all know how excited Margot was for the role and how hard she worked on the character.

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If Halloween Town were a real place, Heidi Klum would, without a doubt, be mayor.

Year-after-year, she stuns us with her epic costumes, causing us to wonder if her outfits are over-the-top or we are just not trying hard enough. The 42-year-old host threw her 16th annual Halloween bash (my invite got lost in the mail, but that’s neither here nor there …

At the beginning of October, she gave a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the first steps of creating a prosthetic body and cartoon face.

When Heidi Klum decides to dress as Jessica Rabbit, she doesn’t go to Party City and buy a red wig, some purple eyeshadow, and a sparkly dress.

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