Development of an electronics driver that requires minimal space and little or no power during hard-over or holding maneuvers is also proposed.205 Williamson Square Franklin TN 37064-Our main objective will be to design, fabricate, and evaluate a lightweight semi-permeable or selectively permeable electrospun membrane, allowing ventilation of the wearer without exposure to outside chemical or biological hazards for NBC protective suits.This process is reversed by changing the polarity of the applied field.

3006 Northup Way Bellevue WA 98004-Dynamic Structures and Materials, LLC (DSM) proposes the design and development of a high power rotary piezoelectric driven actuator for optical assemblies for kinetic energy weapons.

The proposed design uses an ultrasonic piezo ring motor to provide torque and speed.

The Eclipse Electrochromic Device (Eclipse ECD) is well suited for light modulation applications.

The Eclipse ECD modulates transmitted light intensity over a broad range (80% to 20% transmission) by changing optical density under an applied electric field (1.5V).

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Eclipse has a variable transmittance coating to meet the requirement for a single day/night visor for aircrews.

Warfighters require high performance virtual displays that provide 20/20 visual acuity with high information content, suitable for today"s/future network centric battlespace.