SQLCipher - Transparent SQLite encryption using 256-bit CBC mode AES.

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(updated ) DA-SOFT Technologies Any DAC: High-speed, native data access components for SQLite, Firebird, My SQL, SQL Server, Oracle, Postgre SQL, Interbase, DB2, SQL Anywhere, Access, db Express, ODBC, that simplifies the task of building Delphi, C Builder and FPC database applications.

Supports SQLite static linking, strong encryption, compression, UTF8 and UTF16, custom functions, collations and callbacks, DB events, online DB backup, etc. Devart db Express driver for SQLite is a database-independent layer that defines common interface to provide fast access to SQLite. SQLite Pass library : SQLite Pass is a simple set of components designed for Lazarus-fpc and Delphi, to give access to SQLite databases. dot Connect for SQLite Standard edition is free of charge.

SQLite: Open source (New BSD) Delphi (4..2007) C (BCB5, 6, 2007) and 2009/2010 components for SQLite V2.8.x and V3.x.x.

(like TASQLite DB, TASQLite Query, TASQLite Table, TASQLite Update SQL and others).

It provides a high-performance path to the SQLite3 API functions, preserving the semantics of the SQLite3 library calls and allowing access to the distributed SQLite3without recompilation, so is not tied to a particular version. It would be useful if people could comment on the merits of using a particular wrapper !

SQLite2007 Pro ODBC Driver, the first free ODBC Driver which has support for accessing encrypted databases built with SQLite2007 Pro Enterprise Manager.

DISQLite3 compiles with Delphi standard / personal and does NOT require sqlite3 A fairly complete set of subroutines and functions to use SQLite from a Fortran 90/95 program can be found on Provides a high-level (ADO style) API to quick create robust applications.

It provides the complete SQLite3 API, is regularly updated, very small, well documented, tightly integrated, and carefully optimized. A small part of the library has been written in C, mostly to make the interaction with the SQLite library itself easier. Native API's for C, C , Delphi, COM (any Active X language such Visual Basic, VBScript, ASP, . Step Sqlite A unique multi-target PL/SQL compiler for SQLite.

The demo (built on SQLite 3.3.6) comes with plenty of examples and sample applications.