If ever there was an argument for the need for increased diversity in America's newsrooms, it is the recent coverage of Markoff. In fact, fewer minorities work in the news media now than 10 years ago, according to a recent report in .In an increasingly nonwhite America, you do have to wonder if blatantly biased news coverage of alleged criminals like Markoff have anything to do with one after another newspaper filing for bankruptcy or outright closing down.

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said, simply, that "by all appearances, he had it all."Over and over again, coast to coast, American media outlets told us how good-looking, smart and "normal" Markoff was, or should have been.

As I read and watched the media coverage of the 22-year-old alleged killer, I was stunned -- though not surprised -- by the fawning tone taken by the nation's reporters.

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None of this, however, seems to have any impact on the media's continued belief that educated white men are nonviolent.)So, why the disconnect from reality among the media? The media has long been in the business of selling perception over truth, especially when it comes to issues of race, socioeconomic class and sex. That Markoff targeted women selling escort services only helped the media to see him as a good guy led astray by Jezebels.