After a lie-in hit Sant Sebastià beach and the Pukas Surf School.They offer Ocean Pilates classes combining the benefits of both stand-up paddle and Pilates workouts on the water with the Barcelona skyline as backdrop, marvelous.A lot of people were already talking to each other at the bar, but we weren’t really sure if they were friends, speed dating regulars, or just overly enthusiastic newbies.

The lights were dimmed so it was quite pleasant and non-threatening.

After, we got a little pack with a number and name badge and we sat around for a while observing other people entering the bar ready for their Barcelona dating experience.

A ticket normally costs 20 €, but look on, they give away free tickets sometimes.

A day after the event, you can fill out your profile on their website and check off all the girls/guys you liked.

My personal Resume: In general Most of the guys where coming from an engineering or mechanical background and lived in or nearby Barcelona.

All of the attendance made a good impression and didn’t feel sketchy to me in the least. Right’ 😉 but it was a great experience and I can recommend Speed dating in Barcelona if you’re looking for entertainment and a fun night out.

It was quite relaxing for us girls because we where the ones sitting at our table while the guys were the ones parading from table to table every 5 minutes.

In total we spoke to 16 different guys and after the first 5, my mouth was more than dry.

If there’s a match (meaning that the person you checked as wanting to meet again has also done the same thing), you are able to exchange your email address.

I personally don’t believe that Barcelona speed dating helps you find your true Barcelona love, but it definitely helps you get to know other fun people to hang around with.

Most people came on their own, but when we went outside to catch a bit of fresh air and relax, we also met other girls participating more for fun and to give it a try instead of searching desperately for Barcelona love.