The second time it happened was with my current boyfriend.” It started with him asking why I don’t “work that butt” when going to the gym. Snide comments about my “little butt,” how I’m not his “type” and that his “dream woman” is “a girl with a big ass.”For women, there’s always something wrong with us and our bodies, depending on what’s en vogue, and some kind of drastic “cure” for the “problem.” Think corsets, foot binding, Botox.

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My sensei even had me spar with men -- and they said they were surprised at how hard I could hit.

But you know what scares me more than a fist fight today? I didn’t start feeling insecure about my butt until the past few years. No matter what your ethnicity is or where you live, there is someone or some notion out there in this world that is trying to convince or reaffirm to you that there is something about you, which you cannot control, even, that is not enough. While I do think it’s great that the body type of pear-shaped women is being celebrated, I can’t help but wonder if this obsession with the size of a woman’s ass had cultivated a new standard of beauty and new expectations by men –- and therefore a new body-image issue for women. I’d like to say that I have triumphed over this emotionally and mentally, but I have not.

Julia wants help and goes to see a love therapist, Hitch, who rejects her at first but reluctantly agrees to help her.

Hitch takes her to a garage where she gets "pimped out" and made slimmer.

Or even one that will look half-way decent in jeans.

No amount of squats, dance classes, hamstring curls -- or any exercise video that promises to sculpt your behind to look like Beyoncé’s -- can help me. And when I was in my best shape, playing more than one sport, I still didn’t have an onion booty. Because I’ve been doomed genetically with an apple-shape.

I don’t gain weight or fat in my thighs or butt -- I just don’t.

But my apple-shaped body seemed to benefit me in some ways, especially when playing sports.

The film was heavily panned by film critics and retains a 7% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, although it was a box office success.

Julia Jones (Alyson Hannigan) is an obese woman who dreams of marrying Napoleon Dynamite (Josh Meyers), but even in her dreams she is rejected.

This advantage became apparent when I started taking kenpo in my early twenties -- a martial art that requires a lot of sparring, karate-inspired blocks and boxing.