I saw Azzah and Anne making eye contact with each other, and they made their way towards the boys when I saw Alison coming to me. I love you so much and please be happy, I love to see you happy. I was getting really wasted, and I was on Stephens lap when the boys entered the room. This chapter is for my twitter bestie Erin, Hi Erin!As I get out of the car there are a few fans and I do have a little time to chat with them and take some photo's.

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Actress Ruth Kearney is reportedly concerned about the closeness of her boyfriend, actor Theo James, and Shailene Woodley.

Theo and Shailene have been working together since 2013.

I am As I look around I see Cayley and Loulou too, and Dean and Rick. and lets just say I am not looking forward that piece of grab. and walk over to Coach Brown to show him my doctors note.

I will go to sweet sweet America, I have waited for so long for this.

After another 5 minutes, there are more guests and Sabien and Daphne come in. He takes a step closer to me, making me take one step back.

I laugh and tell her, "Don't worry about that now, we have a party to begin." and when I said that, someone knocked on the door. I walk towards the front door to open it, and Tianna and Erin walk inside, followed by Sanne, Lisa, Alison, and Azzah. I think of Stephen and I start to get really, really excited for him.

Luckily the landing goes well and before I know it I'm out the plane and getting my luggage.

It's now for my team, and it would be weird, if I would hook up with the enemies." I don't know for what reason but Theos face changes.

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I see Theo is staring at me so I tell him "I am sorry, next time you'll be invited too. You knew I was coming." I see the tears in her eyes, tears from laughter.