Now that that’s out of the way let’s begin the wild speculation that is such a hallmark of modern journalism.

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Rick Steves A renowned world traveler and travel expert, Rick Steves has built an empire out of his passion for exploration and understanding of the world abroad.

While Steves has an encyclopedic knowledge of world travel, he is also a persistent advocate for marijuana legalization.

For those not in the know, “Robot Chicken” is a stop-motion series that uses classic action figures, and it can be an absolute riot when baked.

As for marijuana use, Greens has always been one of those guys that tacitly admits to it with out actually coming right out and saying it.

Tyson now helms the resurrected “Cosmos” series (quite a staple on this list, I know) and in a recent episode he went out of his way to mention that Robert Hooke (discoverer of the cell) experimented with cannabis and found no reason to fear it ­– a fact that was not at all necessary to the episode.

Additionally, Tyson consistently advocates for reason and understanding to be the guiding force behind mankind, a stance that would seem not to allow for the prohibition of marijuana.

Who knows what effect this towering intellect could have had on the prohibitionist’s argument had he been openly advocating marijuana use throughout his career.

Seth Mac Farlane The creator of “Family Guy” and its many spin-offs, Mac Farlane is no stranger to marijuana (though he has claimed to no longer be using it.) Evidence of Mac Farlane’s attitude toward marijuana is woven throughout “Family Guy,” perhaps most quotably in the catchy tune “A Bag of Weed” from the series’ 4/20 episode in season seven.

Well, anyone whose knowledge of anything can be described as encyclopedic probably fits the bill. Carl Sagan Alpha Nerd Prime Carl Sagan has set more minds adrift on a sea of wonder than possibly any other single person in history thanks to his television series “Cosmos.” A legendary advocate of human understanding, Sagan held a Ph D in both astrophysics and astronomy from the University of Chicago.

With rock-solid credentials like these it’s easy to categorize Sagan as a nerd.

Steves, a board member of NORML and a regular speaker at Seattle’s Hemp Fest, is an impassioned advocate for the reform of drug laws, preferring the European approach of dealing with controlled substances as a public health matter rather than a criminal one.