It still has the period-tracking feature and has added other features like health diary.

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Website: (la ma bang can be translated to “hot moms group”) is another social network for women.

It’s not just about sharing experiences about diapers and baby’s first steps. The LMbang app and website has over 20 million registered users with 2.6 million are daily active users.

Website: is the largest of these specialized social networks with over 100 million registered users and 52 million monthly active users.

After gaining traction in early 2012, the flirting app hit 10 million registered users in last August.

The idea is that they are useful because they are community-based on a specific field. They received US$5M in series A funding, and this copycat of Tinder will get more popular this year.

We can find social media focused on moms, gamers, photos, food or even fashion. People who are familiar with the Western dating app Tinder will recognize that’s a COPY of the site.

It also provides forums, where women can discuss a variety of topics and track some other health aspects like weight, fitness, sleep or even mood. They can scan the QR code from their partner and is directed to a simple version of Daiyama where he can see his significant other’s calendar and access the couple’s chatroom.

The startup is said to have 45 million of registered users, of whom 3.2 million are daily active users.

These apps are not designed to replace We Chat or Weibo.