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'George was wowing the whole club with his break dancing,' a source told the London Lite.

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A new building in Mint Street, probably on the same site, was erected in 1782.

Its location is shown on the 1872 map below, by which time it had been taken over by St Saviour's Poor Law Union.

for every Shilling they earn; and the rest, who do other necessary Business in the Family, such as dressing the Victuals, Nursing, Washing, cleaning the House, and the like, shall also be allowed such Encouragement Money as their Service shall deserve; but if any lay out this Money in Liquors, and disorder themselves, they shall be severely punished." N. It is remarkable, that all the Parishes in Southwark, except St.

Thomas's, have set up large Workhouses, for the Reception of their numerous Poor, which are so well regulated, that as fast as there is any Vacancy, Interest is made by the Poor themselves to be admitted; and this Happiness seldom fails, where the Overseers of these Houses are diligent to inspect the Management, and to commit the Direction of them to discreet Masters and Mistresses, as well as to give all reasonable Encouragement to those that acquit themselves with Fidelity.

[Up to 1834] [After 1834] [Staff] [Inmates] [Records] [Bibliography] [Links] The parish of St George-the-Martyr, Southwark, had a workhouse on the north side of Mint Street in Southwark originally dating from 1729. HE sorts the Wool, and out of about 3000 Weight he has cull'd so much good Wool, as to yield 300 Weight of good Jersey, spun in the House, beside a coarser Sort which serves for Stockings, of which 103 Pair were spun and knit in the House between February and September last; for which unexpected Frugality, the Overseers made him a handsome Present, it being much clearly saved out of Wool bought for Mop-Yarn.

It was the subject of a report in An Account of Several Workhouses..., dated October 1731. HE has the Skill of whitening his Wool, which recommends his Work to all the Turners that deal with him, and several have gives him 7s. for a Dozen Pound, when they could buy it elsewhere for 7s.

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IN the Year 1729, a new Brick House was built in Mint-street, and at Christmas opened for receiving and employing all the Poor of the Parish ; There are now in it 68 Men, Women, and Children, of which all that are able, spin Mop-Yarn, and Yarn for Stockings, which are knit by the Women; and beside this Work, 25 Children are taught to read, and say their Catechism. A Committee appointed by the Vary of the Parish meet every Thursday, to oversee the Management of the House, and pass the Steward's Account of Provisions, which is kept in the same exact Order as some other Houses have fallen into, so that they can scarce be wronged of a Farthing.