“It’s like if you were in a bar and had a wingman help you meet someone,” he says. You’re always drawing lines for what people find acceptable.

Online dating didn’t used to be acceptable.” But even Valdez, founder of Virtual Dating Assistants.com, acknowledges that some people might feel squishy about a date connecting with them through his service.

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“I was working crazy hours as a marketing executive, usually over 70 hours a week,” says Scott Valdez, 25-year-old CEO of Virtual Dating Assistants, which functions a bit like an electronic yenta.

“I was also online dating but didn’t have time for it.

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So I found someone on Craigslist to handle my online dating accounts and it worked out great.

One day it dawned on me that there was probably a demand for this service for overworked executives who want to meet people but don’t have time.” Valdez followed his gut and launched the “dating management agency” in June 2009.

“They handle the logistical aspect of it so you can focus on meeting people,” says Rick, a 37-year-old marketing executive from Miami who asked that his last name not be used (he’s currently using one of these services).

“Going through different profiles and sending out e-mails is purely mechanical work.

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