The best way to check for resonance is to have someone play the ukulele while you listen across the room.

None of these qualities, by the way, can be checked when you purchase your ukulele over the internet.

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Please see Our Instruments Page for more information and for photographs of the different models available.

A good ukulele should have excellent sound and be comfortable and easy to play.

Intonation is the accuracy of the notes along the fretboard.

Resonance is reflected by how round the sound of the ukulele is.

Kamaka Hawaii selects only the finest quality wood for its instruments.

The primary wood used by Kamaka is from Acacia koa, the largest endemic tree in Hawaii.The Protec cases are sturdy, light, water-resistant and perfect for traveling.Protec cases are utilized by many of our customers who are professional musicians. We recommend buffing your Kamaka with a dry, soft, clean cloth such as 100% cloth baby diapers.This information can be extremely valuable because we can automatically retrieve your information at the factory should we ever need to track your ukulele for you.Kamaka Hawaii manufactures 9 different models of ukuleles: standard (also known as a Soprano), standard pineapple, concert (also known as an Alto), tenor 4-string, tenor 6-string, tenor 8-string, baritone, standard deluxe, and the concert bell shape deluxe.Strings significantly alter the sound and feel of your ukulele.