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The hillfort is 14 acres in size, with two, or, in some places, three sets of banks and ditch defenses.

Iron Age beads were found in the centre of the site, near later Roman pottery.

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Chisbury, Wiltshire, England Heritage Rating: An Iron Age hillfort crown the summit of Cley Hill.

Within the earthworks is a Bronze Age bowl barrow, and across the Iron age defenses are a series of medieval strip lynchets.

Membury, Wiltshire, England Heritage Rating: “The Seven Barrows” is really a misnomer, as there are more than 30 Bronze Age burial mounds, creating a sizeable prehistoric cemetery, within a short distance of the hamlet of Sevenbarrows, including a long barrow, as well as numerous bell barrows, disc barrows, and bowl barrows. The George Hotel is located in the small attractive town of Amesbury only 9 miles north of Salisbury and just 5 minutes drive away from the UNESCO site of Stonehenge.

The long barrow is the oldest remain in the cemetery, dating to about 4000 BCE, while the other barrows are much younger, constructed around 2000 BCE. This 13th Century hotel is steeped in history retaining many of its original features while still providing guests with …

Upper Lambourn, Wiltshire, England Heritage Rating: An enigmatic, conical neolithic mound, begun about 2900BC; the largest purpose-built structure in Europe. No one really knows; the conjecture ranges from astronomical observatory to grave site, although no graves have been found in several attempts at excavation. Please observe the posted warnings not to climb it! more The Old Mill Hotel is a 15th century building with features dating back to 1250.

West Kennet, near Avebury, Wiltshire, England Heritage Rating: 19 February, 1858 Conspiracy to Murder bill rejected by Commons The bill proposed anti-terrorist measures, specifically making it a crime in Britain to plot a foreign murder. From its early ecclesiastical beginnings it was transformed in the 16th century to a paper mill.

The hill is an SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest), known for its wild orchids.